The Commissioners of the MPD will hold a special meeting Tuesday 5 January at 6.00PM at the Park District Office. The agenda for the meeting is discussing the survey of the Breakwater Park, access to Breakwater during the bathing season, and any other item which a commissioner may bring up.

The Work Session scheduled for 7 Jan has been postponed to 14 Jan at 6.30PM. The date for the Regular Meeting will be announced shortly. Please follow NYS guidance for social distancing if you plan to attend a meeting or visit the office.


Dear Mattituck and Laurel Residents,

What improvements would you like the Mattituck Park District to focus on in 2021. Please select two of the following projects from the list below.  

   1. Improve Water flow to the Community Room and outdoor bathrooms at Veterans Beach

   2. Pave Yacht Club parking lot

   3. Pave Breakwater parking lot

   4. Upgrade and improve facilities and floating docks at Love Lane

   5. Improve drainage at the parking lot on the Aldrich field

If you have any further suggestions that are not mentioned above, please indicate.

Please email the selected projects/suggestions to ed 

Thank you for your cooperation; we value the input from the residents of Mattituck and Laurel.


The Commissioners

Mattituck Park District 



In the year 2020 the unusual and the unexpected appears to be a normal occurrence. However, we at the Mattituck Park District have attempted to do our best to cope with all the unanticipated events that confronted us.  We would like to inform you of our efforts to maintain and improve the park facilities and services.  Listed are some of the most significant accomplishments in 2020.

Aldrich Lane

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​❖ Completion of building extension and new bathroom facility
❖ Support the town youth soccer program (to accommodate the discontinued use of the Mattituck School fields)
❖ Work with PSE&G to help minimize the expense of the field lights

Bailie Beach and Lodge

❖ Establish public water from SCWA to the Lodge
❖ Added ceiling fans and generator 
❖ Support local scout use of the Bailie Beach Lodge and support the Eagle Scout project in the construction of the firepit

Bay Avenue

❖ Maintain the needed repairs to the tennis courts

Love Lane

  • ❖ Clean boat ramp to allow for safe use by the public
  • ❖ Repair docks

Veterans Park

  • ❖ Construction of new public restroom facility
  • ❖ Repair roof leak above Community Room

Wolf Pit

  • ❖ Work with Southold Town to procure a grant to remediate the drainage problem
  • ❖ Constructed steps and handrail for easier access to the pond


  • ❖ Implement all needed mandatory regulations at all parks for compliance to local, county, state and federal regulations regarding COVID-19.
  • Prepare and present a sound beneficial budget for 2021
  • Integration of needed instructional and educational information for new staff members
  • Recognize and reward park attendees and lifeguards for their watchful, attentive actions to the necessary safety issues that occurred
  • Continue to maintain and irrigate all parks and fields
  • We are updating our website , Facebook and Instagram pages ; please follow and like us and refer to these sites for more information